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Baby Boomers says “No thanks” to the traditional Long Term Care Community Model

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Have you ever heard the term “walkable urbanism?” If you’re like me then the answer is No. The concept stems from the changing paradigm in senior generations. Seniors from the…

Happy Thanksgiving

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If life was a rollercoaster, then 2016 would be my personal Kingda Ka. So on this Thanksgiving Day, I must give Thanks for the ride and riders of 2016. And…

More things change

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I’ve heard this phrase repeated by seniors, and the over 40 crowd often – the more things change, the more they remain the same. But is that true for the…

When Despair visits

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de·spair [dəˈsper] the complete loss or absence of hope: synonyms: hopelessness · depressed. gloomy. disheartenment · discouragement. We all have experienced that emotional response to bad news – we call...

Election 2016-SENIORS MATTER!

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One of the questions we ask when interviewing new applicants is, what do you think seniors contribute to society? The answers has varied from the legacy of war heroes and…

Happy Independence Day! When I’m free and you’re free, there really is no better way to be!

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Happy Independence Day! What does Independence Day mean to you? So much of what I write about, is drawn from my everyday interactions. I love to sit and talk with our…


Because helping families is what we love to do.

Whether your loved one’s needs are minimal or have reached a critical moment, we truly understand that pressing desire to maintain a safe, independent lifestyle at home. Individuals choose to age at home because home is a familiar, treasured haven-for many, it’s the heartbeat of their lives. At A+ Senior Care, we strive to exceed your expectations when selecting a Caregiver to enter your home. We know that the right in-home Caregiver leads to a warm, valued client relationship, which in turn will put your mind at ease. Our goals are to relieve stress, to help you, and to care for you or your loved one-professionally, competently and comprehensively. Click here for information on our services.

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Don’t you sometimes wish you could give a helping hand? Well, you can. Give the gift of love and care today with a helping hands gift card. Let your family and friends know that your gift is on its way. There’s no better gift, than a gift from the heart. Helping Hands gift card is an expression of your love. Click here for more details.

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  • Care of Dementia /
    Alzheimer’s Care

“Over the past few months we were very pleased by the service we received from your company and will speak well of your professionalism to friends and family in the future” J.A.

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