25 years ago, while working in a Long Term Care facility’s recreational department – interacting daily with the senior residents – we came to the realization that irrespective of their diverse backgrounds and cultures, the residents shared a common longing; the desire to live out their twilight years in their own homes- surrounded by family, their history, and everything they love.

This shared desire was so strong it influenced us and changed the course of our careers. As women who witnessed our mothers caring for their mothers, we wanted to afford the senior population—which we had come to love—the same opportunity to age at home and be cared for by loving, trustworthy, competent caregivers.  Though our life journey took us in different directions, the influence of those senior residents was a constant. We knew that we had found our life’s purpose; it was just a matter of formalizing our plan and implementing it at the right time.

For us, A+ Senior Care means providing excellent, high-quality care, to seniors in their homes—wherever home may be. We truly believe that all of our clients are individuals—deserving of dignified, respectful and excellent, client focused care. Our enthusiasm about senior care has stood the test of time and life changes—we still believe that the desire expressed to us 25 years ago, is true for seniors today.

As we have become a part of that sandwich generation, who have the responsibility of caring for our children as well as our aging parents, we understand the complex issues of caregiving and approach our role of care providers with deep compassion and humility.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.  We know this journey to help aging loved ones can be challenging and overwhelming, we are here to help in any way we can.

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Karlyn William, MS, GCM- Managing Member and Client Services Advocate
Gail Jones, MS- Managing Member and Operations