Election 2016-SENIORS MATTER!

By August 22, 2016Senior Care News

Election 2016-SENIORS MATTER!


One of the questions we ask when interviewing new applicants is, what do you think seniors contribute to society?

The answers has varied from the legacy of war heroes and nation builders, to free babysitters, to the cringe worthy – Nothing.

Why do we ask this question? Simple. It helps us determine if the applicant is interested in the population she is seeking to serve – or if she barely thinks about the senior person, outside of her duties as a caregiver.

In this election season, most of what we hear about the senior population, is related to healthcare cost, Medicare and social security and the financial strain of senior citizens. But did you know that seniors make more charitable donations per capita than any other age group? 69% of the $143.6 billion charitable donations made in 2015, were made by boomers and mature adults over the age of 68 years old.

So why do we often struggle to see the continue contributions of seniors to our society?

Could it be the rhetoric of the media, that chooses to focus on social security and Medicare cost, as a senior problem? Or could it be that we, as younger Americans, choose not to see the many ways seniors give to our society? Or maybe a little of both, external rhetoric and internal blinders?

bigstock-Group-Of-Mature-People-Playing-4732264I’ve written before about ways seniors contribute to our society (https://www.aplusseniorcare.com/in/retirement-the-season-of-choice/) this post is meant to be a gentle reminder as we prepare to vote, that our elected officials should have a perspective that our seniors matters. The issues of their care matters. The fact that they continue to give generously to our society matters. They are not just our past, they are a vital, generous contributor to our future.

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