Father’s Day Wishes

By June 11, 2012Senior Care News

Father’s Day Wishes


Have you ever wondered how Father’s Day came to be? I did, and went searching.  I googled and found a website on the history of Father’s day.  Amazing.  http://www.theholidayspot.com/fathersday/history.htm


Father’s day traditions are as diverse as fathers themselves.  When I was a child, father’s day was all about making sure daddy had a wonderful day, filled with special gifts we made with our little hands.  My mother couldn’t afford elaborate gifts but a special breakfast or dinner was quite sufficient. Fading memories now, seemed so very long ago. Traditions evolve with life changes.  When you get married, you learn to incorporate your husband’s traditions with yours, thus creating a legacy for your children. 


 My dad lives in Maryland now, I make sure to call him every Father’s day. But, as the mother of three children, my energies go into creating memories for my children.  I encourage them to make something special for dad. It’s an interesting thing to watch as they try to create something in less than five minutes, food stains and all.  I am usually displeased with their lack of effort but remembered I did the same thing.  Like my mother, I make a special meal for my husband, usually his favorite. But unlike my mother, I can afford to buy a gift.  Not a Lamborghini, but a watch for sure. I sometimes struggle to find a unique gift but realize, in the end, it’s the thought that counts.


More importantly, we celebrate Father’s day because it allows us to appreciate the dads in our lives . Children make art projects, cards, and handprints on paper. Wives cook special meals, buy nice presents of ties, and watches, and hope for a smile in return. 


The entire team at A+ Senior Care acknowledges all dads and wishes for  a wonderful  Father’s day to all our Dads!

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