Life’s transitions

Life’s transitions


During a recent group conversation with the women in my office, (we have many of those), it became apparent that all of us in some form or another, would be experiencing varying degrees of transitions this year. Nancy’s daughter, her first born, is graduating from college this weekend. Bernice’s youngest is going to college this Fall. My oldest is starting high school this fall, and Gail’s oldest child is starting middle school. All important milestones in the lives of our children, and therefore very important to each one of us.

Just this morning I was talking with my mother and realized for the first time, that she needs an advocate. She is an aging woman with many health complications, and the time has come to have that very important conversation where I transition from being just her child, to child and caregiver/POA.

Time passes in the twinkle of an eye. When did this happen? Just the other day, I was in my twenties, carefree, and irresponsible. Now, I wear so many hats I don’t think I can accommodate another.

I am woman hear me roar? more like, I am woman hear me snore. Like many women of my generation, I am tired and sleep deprived.

With age comes a little bit of knowledge. I have learned that as we age and mature, we must live our lives with purpose. That is what prepares us to take on the challenges of these changing responsibilities. Our children look to us not to have their diapers changed, but to become their chauffeur, therapist, banker, personal chef, housekeeper, invisible person when friends come over, and the most embarrassing person they know. You will need to be strong for this type of transition. Interestingly, our parents look at us through different lenses too. They learn to respect the adult you have become, they stand back and proudly look at the results of their hard work. Many hope they won’t burden you with their “problems” but inevitably, it lands right at your front door. For those of us fortunate to live and breathe health care, we know what needs to be done. But, for some, this transition is a bit challenging.

There is always someone who is willing to offer advice. Talk with your neighbor, your friends, your pastor, the women at church. Simply start with, do you know where I can go for information on…….? I have found the answers are within reach.

I would like to share this blog with you, I found it quite interesting.

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