Saluting great Caregivers

By September 28, 2012Senior Care News

Saluting great Caregivers

Home healthcare is a dynamic industry.  There are many aspects of home healthcare that require superhero type skills to achieve fantastic accomplishments, most days it takes a village.  Some may not realize, but a great percentage of our time and energy are used  focusing  on hiring competent, trustworthy, mature, and skilled caregivers for our clients.  This is a full time endeavor that requires patience, instinctual decisions, and hard work vetting potential employees.  We would want it no other way.


Over the years, we have found, the most successful caregivers aren’t people who enter the field seeking high pay, but are people who truly care about seniors and want to make a difference.  Some caregivers come to us because they have lost loved ones, usually a parent or grand-parent.  Caring for that family, and realizing what a difference he/she made, they come to us seeking to make a difference in the lives of others.  A few caregivers  worked in  corporate environments, became disillusioned or felt such environments were toxic, and decided to take a different career path.


Regardless of where caregivers come from, each person brings a unique approach to care.  I recently visited with a client who has a 24 hour live-in caregiver.  Karen,  her caregiver is originally from Haiti.  During the Care planning  process, we had decided that one fun activity would include having the client prepare a meal for her family.  As I sat there,  I listened with both awe and joy as client and caregiver converse about preparing the meal.  She had prepared French toast  for her in-laws, it had been a great success,  and she had joyfully shared the recipe with Karen.  Karen was truly excited to have learned how to make French toast from the client.  On the other hand, the client was excited that Karen was teaching her the basics of French.  Apparently, before helping the client to bed at night, Karen has been teaching  her how to say good night among other expressions in French.  Caregivers like Karen motivate us to work hard every day to hire the best candidates for our clients.


Caregivers are on the front line of care.  Families come to depend on their help and general presence in their lives.  So much of what we do depend on caregivers performing well, all the time.  Caregivers are people who are worthy of praise.  We understand and acknowledge that every chance we get. 

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