Respite Care

During the years working with families, the prevailing understanding is-many family caregivers find it very difficult to take a break.  Many feel guilty about seeking outside help and tend to work to the point of exhaustion in their attempt to care for loved ones.  Many of us feel the full  responsibility for the care of our loved ones.  The love and care they gave to us is what we want to give back to them in their time of need. Though admirable, sometimes we must acknowledge our limitations as we attempt to provide care. Unfortunately, I have seen time and time again, what can happen when caregivers don’t utilize outside help- they experience burnout.

I recently sat with a daughter who was caring for her 96 year old mother.  She left her home, moved in with mom, and worked hard to make sure mom was safe and cared for.  By the time she called our office,  this daughter was exhausted and overwhelmed.  Mom’s care was extensive and taxed her both physically and emotionally.  She needed help.

Respite care is temporary help for caregivers.  This is time the caregiver needs to rest, go on a trip, visit with family and friends, take a break from providing care- a necessary element to be the best caregiver for your loved one.  A tired, overwhelmed, and resentful caregiver is not the best option for a person who requires quality care at home.

Hiring a paid caregiver can introduce:

  • Support for the family
  • A skilled worker who has been trained to care for an aging person
  • A trustworthy person who is supervised by a Registered Nurse
  • Help when you need it most

free-consultation-call3bIn-home care service providers can help with:

  • Personal care or home health aide services to provide assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting and exercising
  • Transportation to appointments or to run errands

Respite care is the perfect option to introduce outside help and having a backup plan in place for future needs.

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