What is Support Care Services?

This is a service specific to hospitals, Long Term Care, and Rehabilitation facilities. We want to help families who are struggling to manage their lives and the care for loved ones in any of these environments. A Companion Caregiver can support the family, the patient, case managers, and staff.

The Support Caregiver helps by:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Reducing feelings of guilt
  • Reducing falls and other accidents
  • Relieves stress
  • Providing peace of mind while family is away
  • Increasing quality of time with loves ones when you visit
  • Transitioning client from a facility environment to home

The Support Caregiver may also help with:

  • Relaying important information to families
  • Comforting a stressed patient
  • Making phones calls for the patient
  • Writing notes or letters for the patient
  • Grabbing items for the patient
  • Communicating with long distance family members

The support Caregiver is there to help case managers too. The service will facilitate effective care planning and helps with the patient assessment process.

Employing the help of a support caregiver is a useful, and invaluable option for many families. Services can be arranged on an as-needed basis. The support caregiver does not, and cannot replace the love of family and friends. However, knowing that someone is there to help your loved one while you are unable to, will help to relieve some of the natural stresses associated with being a caregiver. It’s worth a try. We can walk you through the process.

Why we created this service:

As working professionals, Karlyn and Gail have witnessed firsthand, the tremendous burdens facing families who are juggling unimaginable responsibilities, and when faced with the care of an elderly parent, many struggle to handle it all.

When there is a crisis, families turn to health care professionals like us for answers. Lack of resources, changing rules in healthcare, budgetary cuts, regulations and understaffing are just a few of the issues today’s healthcare professionals face. Couple that with demands from families-A little help goes a long way.

Now, for over 20 years, Karlyn and Gail have worked with seniors and their families and understand the issues they face. We know when a parent is either hospitalized or enters a new living environment, this is a very stressful time for families, and for the patient. We believe having help, supports and enhances quality care.

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