spring IS here


Happy first day of spring! As I look out my office window at the steady downpour of snow, I had this epiphany – life is often like today. Circumstances and relationships, seem cold and distant. We’re facing decisions that feel slippery and unsure, and problems keep coming – yet its spring. We’re alive, it should feel like a new beginning, a chance to bask in fresh air – but our circumstances feel more imminent, more daunting and our attention is on our problems – missing the beauty of the new beginning.

 Those pesky optimists among us repeat this over and over again, most of life is about attitude. Charles Swindoll is credited with this pearl, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

How true is that?

Life is full of snowy spring days; the kids forget their instrument on your first day of a new job; the raise you dreamed of, finally happened and you plan to save it for that new car you’ve been dreaming of – but the IRS letter came the next day – you owe an unexpected underpayment.

We see it often with seniors, they worked hard and saved an inheritance for their children and grandchildren, but their health decline and the bills come in. The response is often to view the unexpected as unpleasant and unfair.

What if our response was an attitude of gratitude? What if we were full of gratitude, that our children have the opportunity to play an instrument? Grateful for the raise coming in on time to cover the tax bill? Grateful for the self-discipline and foresight to save?

We can’t stop the snow – but today, I’ve decided to enjoy the fact that it’s the first day of spring. The positives we focus on will carry us through – despite the snowy landscape. I read this quote and wish the author was known to credit her, “Your life is your garden; your thoughts are the seeds. If your life isn’t awesome, you’ve been watering the weeds!”

Happy Spring!!

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